Warriors, boots and a yurt

The exhibition ‘Avar warriors in Transylvania‘ organized by the Roman Limes Research Centre and the Gurghiu Department of Mureș County Museum opened the series of the colourful activities in the Castle as part of the national event ‘Night of the Museum’ on the 16th of May 2015. The exhibition was completed by the activities of various workshops focusing mainly on the everyday life of the communities from the Avar-period. In this sense a yurt  was erected, a typical structure of eastern nomad populations and the main venue for most of their everyday activities where visitors could dress up in Avar costumes and make photos with themselves.  Beside the reconstructions featured in the exhibition, the organisers of the workshops wore typical Avar-period costumes, thus contributing to the authentic historical atmosphere. The visitors had the opportunity to try out various craftsmen activities. They could make different accessories from felt and they could also try to make their typical Avar strap end applique used as necklace ornament. The children were engaged in special activities dedicated exclusively for them. They could design and make the costume of an Avar warrior or an Avar lady, and they could sew their own boots from textile.

The various activities and workshops so as the exhibition itself benefited from a great popularity, they attracted many visitors. Both children and adults spent a very fruitful and intersting day in the museum, experiencing in the same time the typical Avar lifestyle and crafts.

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