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Conference on the daily life of the Roman soldier

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On the 17th and 18th of October 2014 the History Museum of Turda organized a national colloquium entitled “Viața cotidiană a soldatului roman în castrele din Dacia” (The daily life of the Roman soldiers from the forts from Dacia) where specialists from all around Romania delivered interesting presentations about the everyday life of the Roman soldiers including their relationship with civilians, their social practices, eating-, drinking-, dressing- and bathing habits and other interesting aspects. Two members of our team also contributed to the knowledge of this particular domain. One presentation focused on different aspects of daily life based on ceramic vessels discovered in the soldiers’ barrack. The other paper reflected upon the utilization of bronze vessels in military context.


Provincialia Romana

Between the 29th and 31st of January 2014, an international conference organized by the University of Pécs (Hungary), entitled Provincialia Romana. A római tartományok történeti forrásai – hadsereg, vallás, társadalom (ProvincaliaRomana. The historical sources of the Roman provinces – army, religion, society), took place in Pécs, Hungary. As the title suggests, the conference focused on general and particular problems related to the army, religion, and material culture in the Roman era. Five members of the Roman Limes Research Centre attended the conference with three presentations on various subjects: the general methodology applicable for Roman pottery coming from Roman military forts, general problems related to the use of space in forts, and old and recent data concerning the Roman site of Sărățeni from Mureș County.

provincialia romana