Pottery all over!

Three days of intensive lectures were held in Cluj Napoca about Roman ceramics. The National Conference „Art and Craftmanship – Pottery workshops from the Roman provinces Dacia and Lower Moesia” went on between the 23rd and 25th of June, and attracted more than 70 specialists from all over the country. Three members of our team participated with interesting presentations about the world of pottery production and use.


The most impressive thing is to see how varied and unique, but on the other hand unitary is the ceramic material of the two provinces and also of the different regions. The understanding of pottery production leads to the comprehension of commercial routes, exchanges of ideas, the wandering of potters. Some researchers had the luck to find a coin burnt into the body of a vessel, which dated the whole kiln, others made only presumption of production centers after the large amount of wasters. We all, somehow contributed to the better acquaintance of the research of ceramics from the country, changed ideas and remained with a nice memory.