Open gates at the Castle from Gurghiu


At the 9th of June, the gates and doors of the Rákóczi-Bornemisza Castle from Gurghiu were open for the curious public. The central idea of this year was to awake the spirit of the baroque era, since parts of the building also belong to this fascinating world. Besides the opportunity to visit the building and the dendrological park, the ones interested could fabricate their own shiny baroque style fans and masks. Following the idea, that beginning from 1655 a paper manufacture was functioning at Gurghiu, the visitors could try this activity as well. Dancing could not have missed from such an event, children could learn the basics of baroque dances. The ones interested in exercises of the mind, could endeavour the challenges of puzzles which portray pictures of the castle, the Gurghiu area and 3D puzzles of the facade. The day ended with a spirit rising concert of the Trio Estate formation, performing beautiful sounds of the XVIIIth century.