Identity and culture for the third time

On the 17th of November 2015 the third edition of the Students’ Scientific Association Conference has been organized in the topic  ”Identity and Culture“  at the Faculty of Architecture from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. The topic focuses  on the cultural, scientific and turistical valorification of the Roman limes sector from Mureș County, Romania, especially on the heritage potentials of Călugăreni,  for three years by far. The large interest in this topic, among the three-year old tradition,  is also shown by the six “contestants”, each of them presenting projects related either to creating a multidisciplinary scientific base in  Călugăreni, or to the valorification of the unique blend of Roman heritage and WW I shooting ditches in the same area. One of our team member took part in the jury composed of architect and archaeologist specialists, and had a very hard job to evaluate the interesting and thought-provoking projects.


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