Identity and Culture 2014

tdk poszter

On the 11th of November 2014, the Faculty of Architecture from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics organized for the second time the Students’ Scientific Association Conference in the topic  ”Identity and Culture“.  Two of our team members took part in the jury of the conference along with specialists in architecture. The proposition this year was to create a project in three main topics: 1. to design a train station in Călugăreni for the narrow gauge railway whose unused tracks passes through the village;  2. to create a look-out point in the same village for the archaeological and cultural heritage in order to develop the region’s touristic potential; and 3. to develop  projects for the presentation of archaeological and built cultural heritage of Sărățeni. The students’ conference benefited from a large interest this year, which is confirmed by the high number (15) of submitted projects. The projects  were partially based on the architectural surveys of the built heritage of Călugăren and Sărăţenii made during the summer of 2014, but new approaches and projects have also been presented. All of the projects provided very interesting, creative and challenging solutions for the touristic and cultural presentation of the national heritage of this area.

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