The 9th edition of the Conference for Young Researchers of the Roman Age (FIROKONF IX) was  held between the 8th and the 10th of May 2015 in Târgu Mureș. With a total number of 74 attending participants, among which more than 50 speakers, this year’s edition provided an international forum for scholarly debate among young researches in the field of Roman archaeology and history. The conference was organised by the ROMAN LIMES RESEARCH CENTRE based at the Mureș County Museum in Târgu Mureș, with the support of the Mureș County Council and UEFISCDI. The venue of the event was the Small Hall of the Cultural Palace.

The participants from various Hungarian and Romanian research-centres proceeded in presenting the results of their research from a wide range of domains related to the study of the Roman period. The respective domains included the latest archaeological field investigations, Roman religious life, anthropology, architecture, material culture, the Roman cult of the dead, pottery production, numismatics and epigraphy.

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