Exhibition in Călugăreni – save the date!

Remember the two pavilions, the construction of which began during the summer field school of 2015? Well, after the last layer of paint had dried, our team vigorously began the planning of the two exhibitions to be placed inside the “twins”.


The pavilion facing the auxiliary fort will introduce you in a military atmosphere, presenting the fort from Călugăreni and the unit stationed here, in addition to some notes on the soldiers’ equipment, daily life and diet. The other one, towards the Roman baths will show you how these bathing facilities functioned in the Empire, and how this particular one worked, here on the Dacian limes. How did they manage to heat the building? From where did they get the necessary water? These are just some of the questions to which we are preparing the answers. Also you will get some insight on Roman civilian clothing and on some basic methods of body care used back then. All this with a selection of finds from the excavations of the previous years and realistic replicas, 3D models and miniatures.


Soon you will get the official invitation as well, but until then, save the date: on the 6th of May we will open the exhibition in the Time Box pavilions!