Colloquium on the ancient Illyria and Epirus

A three-days-long international colloquium (L’Illyrie Méridionale et L’Épire dans L’Antiquité – VIe colloque international, au Musée National de Tirana) has been held in Tirana, Albania, between the 20th and 23rd of May 2015. The prestigious conference was organized by the Universite Lyon 2, France together with the Centre des Etudes Alabanologiques, Institut D’Archeologie, Albania and it was hosted by the National Museum of Tirana. The conference was focusing on general (epigraphy, numismatics, history) and particular ( history of ancient sites: Durres, Apollonia,  Antigoneia etc.) subjects related to the ancient area of Illyria and Epirus from the Prehistory up until the early Middle Ages.

One of our team member also took place on this international conference presenting  the latest results of the researches carried out in the theatre from Apollonia.

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