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Pottery all over!

Three days of intensive lectures were held in Cluj Napoca about Roman ceramics. The National Conference „Art and Craftmanship – Pottery workshops from the Roman provinces Dacia and Lower Moesia” went on between the 23rd and 25th of June, and attracted more than 70 specialists from all over the country. Three members of our team participated with interesting presentations about the world of pottery production and use.


The most impressive thing is to see how varied and unique, but on the other hand unitary is the ceramic material of the two provinces and also of the different regions. The understanding of pottery production leads to the comprehension of commercial routes, exchanges of ideas, the wandering of potters. Some researchers had the luck to find a coin burnt into the body of a vessel, which dated the whole kiln, others made only presumption of production centers after the large amount of wasters. We all, somehow contributed to the better acquaintance of the research of ceramics from the country, changed ideas and remained with a nice memory.

Heritage workshop at Brâncovenești

It’s nice and useful to research all these Roman sites, but our sole purpose is not just to jot down some new information, but to integrate them in their cultural landscapes. And this is simply impossible without the proper ideas and actions towards conservation and preservation.


In order to achieve this, a small workshop was organized on the 31st of May 2016 at the Kemény Castle of Brâncoveneșeti about the possibilities, precedents and actual costs of restoration of medieval castles, mostly of course of the above mentioned one, and what kind of future can they look forward to. The several specialists gathered here also deeply discussed the case of the Roman fort in the vicinity of the castle, what responsibilities and opportunities does this involve for the owners of the castle.

The Limes Forum IV national conference

The 4th edition of the Limes Forum national conference, organised by the Roman Limes Research Centre of the Mureș County Museum (Târgu Mureș) and the National History Museum of Transylvania (Cluj-Napoca) took place between the 4th and 6th of December 2015 in Sovata. The event continued the series of annual meetings of specialists in the research of the frontiers of the Roman Empire from Romania, providing a forum for scientific debate and exchange of views and information on the subject at hand. Furthermore, the meeting to facilitated in a considerable manner the collaboration between museums, research institutes and universities for the conception and implementation of the ‘Limes Dacicus’ national research programme. The programme of this edition  comprised  a conference session and a visit to the Roman archaeological park from Călugăreni.



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Conference on History of Târgu Mureș and Mureș County

On the 28th of November a national conference took place in Târgu Mureș on the occassion of the The Day of the Hungarian Science in Transylvania cultural event. This edition of the conference is organized by the Borsos Tamás Association and the Transylvanian Museum Society. Athough the conference was destined mainly to the medieval up to the recent history of the city and county, this event was also an excellent forum for promoting our work concerning the protection of the Roman limes sector from this county. One of our colleagues held a lecture about the eastern limes of the Roman Dacia, focusing principally on the research strategies, questions and solutions related to the limes sector from Mureș County.

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Discussing military and civilian art in Roman Dacia

On the 23rd and 24th of October 2015 a two-day long national archaeology conference was hosted by the History Museum of Turda for the 3rd consecutive time, with the extensive participation of specialists from universities, museums and research institutes from across the country. The topic of the session encompassed various aspects of provincial Roman art in Dacia, focusing on the confluence of military and civilian artistic expression within the province. Our team was represented by Dávid Petruț who held a presentation on the subject of the funerary monuments discovered in the area of the auxiliary fort from Brâncovenești on the eastern limes of the province. The lectures engaged fruitful discussions related to modern approaches in the research of military provincial art. Besides the talks, the guests had the opportunity of attending the opening of the archaeological exhibition entitled: ‘Roman Potaissa. An archaeological retrospective’.



Colloquium on the Limes research of Roman Dacia

The Museum Complex from Bistrița-Năsăud organized on the 11-12th of December 2014 a conference entitled „Colocviul Național – Frontierele Imperiului Roman: Dacia – Limes Forum III” (National Colloquium – The Frontiers of The Roman Empire: Roman Dacia – Limes Forum III). The researchers of this field, which were present at this event, prosperously contributed to the existent knowledge about the Roman limes from the point of view of military history, strategies and social aspects also. The main themes, which were widely discussed at this colloquium, were related to the position of forts, watchtowers, defensive systems, different research methods and techniques as well as their results (geomagnetic research; electric resistivity survey; LIDAR). The importance of the Roman limes as a cultural heritage and the possibilities of its evaluation and presentation to the world were also deliberated. Three members from our team attended the meeting. One of the presentations focused on the research, evaluation and projection of the Roman fort from Călugăreni, another one presented the pottery workshop from the civilian settlement of the Roman fort from Brâncovenești, while the third one analysed the Roman military equipment from the eastern limes of Roman Dacia (Sector Brâncovenești- Sărățeni).

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Limes Forum III

The conference “Frontierele Imperiului Roman: Dacia. Limes Forum III” (The Frontiers of the Roman Empire: Dacia. Limes Forum III) will take place in Bistrița between the 11th and the 12th of December 2014. The conference will be organized by the Bistrița-Năsăud Museum Complex (Complexul Muzeal Bistrița-Năsăud) in joint with the Ministry of Culture, National History Museum of Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca, and the Bistrița-Năsăud County Council. Three researchers of our team team will hold presentations about the archaeological research and architectural plans concerning the site of Călugăreni and the pottery workshop from Brâncoveneşti.

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Conference on the daily life of the Roman soldier

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On the 17th and 18th of October 2014 the History Museum of Turda organized a national colloquium entitled “Viața cotidiană a soldatului roman în castrele din Dacia” (The daily life of the Roman soldiers from the forts from Dacia) where specialists from all around Romania delivered interesting presentations about the everyday life of the Roman soldiers including their relationship with civilians, their social practices, eating-, drinking-, dressing- and bathing habits and other interesting aspects. Two members of our team also contributed to the knowledge of this particular domain. One presentation focused on different aspects of daily life based on ceramic vessels discovered in the soldiers’ barrack. The other paper reflected upon the utilization of bronze vessels in military context.


Romans and their neighbours from the Eastern Carpathians

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The principia and the bath of the Roman auxiliary fort from Călugăreni was the subject of a presentation delivered by three colleagues of our team at the conference “Romanii și vecinii lor din zona Carpaților Orientali (sec. I-V p. Chr). Sesiunea Științifică Anuală a MNCR, ediția a XI-a” (Romans and their neighbors from the Eastern Carpathians (1st-5th c. A.D.). The Annual Scientific Session of MNCR, the 9th edition) organized by the National Museum of the Eastern Carpathians (Muzeul Național al Carpaților Răsăriteni) in Sfântu-Gheorghe, on the 9th-11th of November 2014. Problems and aspects related to the general topic of the conference (landscape archeology, Sarmatian type brooches, geomagnetic surveys, Roman forts) were discussed during this national session.

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Promoting the cultural heritage of Călugăreni

One of our team member took part on a regional conference in Sovata (Mureş county) on the 27th of September 2014 which was focusing on the local history of the town and its surrounding region (III. Szovátai Helytörténeti Konferencia /  The 3rd Conference of Sovata’s Local History). The presentation entitled “Mikháza római öröksége” (The Roman Heritage of Călugăreni) promoted the archaeological and cultural site of the Roman settlement and military fort, presenting the main results and achievements, as well as projects concerning the cultural and touristic potential of the settlement.