9R (Roman) Festival from Călugăreni / Mikháza

9R Plakat x3



10.30–11.00    Procession of the participants: Barn Theatre – Franciscan friary – Archaeological Park – Barn Theatre

11.00–18.00    Carriage ride: Barn Theatre – Franciscan friary – Archaeological Park – Barn Theatre

19.00–19.30    Closing procession with torches and the Dance of the Nymphs: Barn Theatre – Franciscan friary – Archaeological Park – Barn Theatre




10.00–10.30    Opening performance: Santoor music recital by Radu Varga: Āvāz-e Bayāt-e Zand

11.00–18.00    Museum pedagogical activities

12.30–13.00    Presentation by Dan Deac: From the Nile to the Danube and back. Egypt in Dacia and the Dacians in Egypt. (RO)

13.00–13.30    Presentation by Pánczél Szilamér Péter: Seeking Ancient Egypt in Călugăreni/ Mikháza (HU)

13.30–14.00    Dance performance by Ana Maria Mărginean: The dance of the Nile

15.00–16.00    Slave auction

18.30–19.00    Chamber music performed by the Tiberius String Quartet:  Tiberius meets Mozart

20.00–21.00    Performance by the Mureş Art Ensemble: Smile from the Transylvanian Plain



11.30–12.30    The oath of the Roman soldiers

17.00–18.00    The battle of the barbarian alliance against the Romans




10.00–22.00    Rostra (Information office)

11.00–18.00    Museum pedagogical activities

10.00–22.00    Taverna


11.00–18.00    Exhibition: The Eastern frontier of Roman Dacia

11.00–18.00    Exhibition: A box of Archaeology – Ancient Egypt





11.00–18.00    Exhibition: Bibliotheca claustri

11.00–18.00    Guided tours inside the Franciscan friary’s church in Romanian and Hungarian

16.00–17.00    Guitar recital performed by Costin Soare: O, gloriosa Domina!



11.00–18.00    Museum pedagogical activities



11.00–18.00    Exhibition: TIME BOX

11.00–18.00    COMPASS Bellevue

11.00–18.00    Guided tours around the archaeological site in Romanian and Hungarian




11.00–18.00    Roman camp life

11.00–18.00    Museum pedagogical activities

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