Retrospect 2019/ Welcome 2020

People say, that it is better to leave the past behind and always look forward to what is coming. But this would object the whole purpose of our profession. So as people who constantly look back, we decided to refresh the memories of the past year.

Last year can be characterized as being colorful and active. As a good start, potato fields became part of the archaeological park and a house and courtyard was purchased. Experimental archaeology was also part of our activities. During spring time an experimental garden was founded with herbs, flowers and vegetables, which once were part of the flora of the Roman environment. Related to this, as theme of the Night of the Museums, we made pickles and vinegar-fruits after ancient receipts. This was a total success and we can approve that the pickles are still good. Many people tasted, also a month ago and the feedback is truly positive. The Roman Festival, despite the rainy mood of Jupiter, attracted many people, who enjoyed the wonders of the Orient.

As for the excavations, the principia and the whole site is starting to bloom from the point of view of information and a whole new, or better said old world is showing itself.  This year we follow the same way and we have new plans as well. So welcome 2020, we will be back with fresh news soon.

hir 2020