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9R (Roman) Festival from Călugăreni / Mikháza

9R Plakat x3



10.30–11.00    Procession of the participants: Barn Theatre – Franciscan friary – Archaeological Park – Barn Theatre

11.00–18.00    Carriage ride: Barn Theatre – Franciscan friary – Archaeological Park – Barn Theatre

19.00–19.30    Closing procession with torches and the Dance of the Nymphs: Barn Theatre – Franciscan friary – Archaeological Park – Barn Theatre




10.00–10.30    Opening performance: Santoor music recital by Radu Varga: Āvāz-e Bayāt-e Zand

11.00–18.00    Museum pedagogical activities

12.30–13.00    Presentation by Dan Deac: From the Nile to the Danube and back. Egypt in Dacia and the Dacians in Egypt. (RO)

13.00–13.30    Presentation by Pánczél Szilamér Péter: Seeking Ancient Egypt in Călugăreni/ Mikháza (HU)

13.30–14.00    Dance performance by Ana Maria Mărginean: The dance of the Nile

15.00–16.00    Slave auction

18.30–19.00    Chamber music performed by the Tiberius String Quartet:  Tiberius meets Mozart

20.00–21.00    Performance by the Mureş Art Ensemble: Smile from the Transylvanian Plain



11.30–12.30    The oath of the Roman soldiers

17.00–18.00    The battle of the barbarian alliance against the Romans




10.00–22.00    Rostra (Information office)

11.00–18.00    Museum pedagogical activities

10.00–22.00    Taverna


11.00–18.00    Exhibition: The Eastern frontier of Roman Dacia

11.00–18.00    Exhibition: A box of Archaeology – Ancient Egypt





11.00–18.00    Exhibition: Bibliotheca claustri

11.00–18.00    Guided tours inside the Franciscan friary’s church in Romanian and Hungarian

16.00–17.00    Guitar recital performed by Costin Soare: O, gloriosa Domina!



11.00–18.00    Museum pedagogical activities



11.00–18.00    Exhibition: TIME BOX

11.00–18.00    COMPASS Bellevue

11.00–18.00    Guided tours around the archaeological site in Romanian and Hungarian




11.00–18.00    Roman camp life

11.00–18.00    Museum pedagogical activities

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Fieldwalks at Sânpaul/Homoródszentpál


Archaeologists from the Mureș County Museum and students from the Babeș-Bolyai University teamed up for a fieldwalk between the 7th and 10th of April at Sânpaul/Homoródszentpál (Harghita county).


Today, the limits of the Roman settlement situated here is yet unknown, thus a series of fieldwalks were necessary to gather more information. In addition, this proved to be an excellent chance for the students to gain professional experience.


Despite the poor weather conditions, the gardens of several houses, and the fields around the village were searched in these four days, enriching our knowledge about the settlement’s history.


Hello Springtime


The Milites Marisensis Association and the Mureş County Museum greeted the spring together at Călugăreni/Mikháza. Organized on the 10th of April, Ludi Megalenses offered a number of events for those who visited. The reenactment groups from Târgu-Mureş, Alba Iulia and Sibiu performed military exercises, while our colleagues from the museum offered guided tours at the two exhibition pavilions and museumpedagogical workshops.


This was only one of the several events that will be organized at the Călugăreni/Mikháza Arhcaeological Park this year.


A view into a greener future at Călugăreni/Mikháza


Thanks to an initiative by the Barn Theatre Association, a total of 100 fruit trees were planted at Călugăreni/Mikháza on the 6th of March. Our museum participated in this project and planted 40 fruit trees at the Bellevue.


The varieties of apple and pear trees are all native to the region and were planted with the help of our colleagues and members of the local community.

DSC_0058We hope that in the future our visitors will have the opportunity to taste these delicious fruits while enjoying the nice view.


8R (Roman) Festival at Călugăreni/Mikháza

plakat A3

The motto of this year’s festival is „…IN CORPORE SANO”. Health and self-care was just as important to the Romans as it is to us nowadays.

The festival respects the newest sanitary regulations and will have Roman military demonstrations, exhibitions, workshops, guided tours and concerts.

Let’s discover the wonders of the Roman world together on the 1st of August!




14.00–18.00 Exhibition: A Box of Archaeology
14.00–18.00 Exhibition: The Insignias of the Roman Legions

14.00–15.00 Concert: Neumarkt Brass Quintet
15.30–16.00 Military exercises of the Roman soldiers: Milites Marisensis
17.00–17.30 Dance performance: Antheia Imperialis
17.30–18.00 Military exercises of the Roman soldiers: Milites Marisensis
18.00–19.00 Folk night: Maros Ensemble

14.00–18.00 Roman military camp life
14.00–18.00 Museumpedagogycal presentations

13.00–19.00 Taberna
13.00–19.00 Rostra (Information kiosk)
15.00–15.30 Exhibition opening: Joannes Kájoni 390


14.00–18.00 Exhibition: TIME BOX
14.00–18.00 Bellevue: Compass
14.00–18.00 Guided tours at the archaeological site


14.00–18.00 Exhibition: Bibliotheca claustri
14.00–18.00 Exhibition: Collegium naturae curiosorum
14.00–18.00 Guided tours inside the Franciscan church

14.00–18.00 Museumpedagogycal presentations
16.00–17.00 Concert: Kájoni Consort

European Archaeology Day at the Călugăreni/Mikháza Archaeological Park

DSC_0115European Archaeology Days (Journées européennes de l’archéologie) had its 11th edition this year. A total of 28 countries participated with 1.000 events. The aim of the organizers is making the public aware of the importance of archaeological researches.

DSC_0128The Mureș County Museum participated for the first time, the event was held on the 20th of June at the Călugăreni Archaeological Park. In spite of the initial bad weather, we had almost 100 visitors. The guests could attend guided tours inside the pavilions (Time Box), the archaeological excavation and the experimental garden. Those who were interested could also make scented sacks from herbs during the day. The members of the Milites Marisensis Association made the occasion that more festive with their presence.


European Archaeology Day at Călugăreni/Mikháza


Spend an exciting day at the Archaeological Park from Călugăreni!

The Mureş County Museum participates at the European Archaeology Days for the first time. On the 20th of June, Saturday, between 10 and 18 o’clock, the visitors will have the chance to participate on guided tours at the archaeological excavation site inside the Roman fort, and also at the newly re-opened exhibition pavilions (TIME BOX). You can also have a look at our experimental garden and take a walk to our bellevue.

Keeping it neat!

The Archaeological Park in Călugăreni is being prepared to welcome visitors this year as well. With the arrival of spring the experimental garden started to grow again. Since the museum gained a new property, the flowerbeds were moved into the new garden. The existing plant specimens were preserved and soon we will plant new ones as well.


The general maintenance of the Archaeological Park requires several days every week. The TIMEBOX pavilions were cleaned and disinfected, the information boards, the courtyard of the Interdisciplinary Research Centre and the area of the Belvedere was cleaned as well.

Lecture about the 2019 excavations at Brâncovenești


Szilamér Péter Pánczél, archaeologist at the Roman Limes Research Centre of the Mureș County Museum, has been invited to give a lecture about the 2019 excavations at Brâncovenești. Due to the renovations partaking at the church, there was need for preventive archaeological researches, which were carried out by the colleagues from the museum, students of the Babeș-Bolyai University and the young workers from Brâncovenești. The project was financed by the Transylvanian District of the Reformed Church and coordinated by the Pósta Béla Association from Cluj-Napoca. They managed to identify the foundations of the bell tower, belonging to the 18th century church. The exact reasons why the tower wasn’t built is unknown as of yet. Archaeological material belonging to the Roman period was found inside and around the tower, since the church was built on the Roman military settlement.

thumbnailAnother research location was the Kemény family’s orchard in the area of the Roman military fort. We wanted to find the remains of a smaller church or chapel, a part of which was already discovered in 1970’s. Based on the geophysical data, we managed to localize a part of the sacristy, sanctuary and a 18-19th century crypt.

DSC_0609The public could also ask other questions about the excavations, not only from Mr. Pánczél, but also from the other researchers present. The event was finished with an agape feast.

Protective shelter proposal for principia receives award 


Out of the 53 entries to the “Youth in black and white” competition, organized by the Association of Hungarian Architects, 25 were selected for a special exhibition, and 5 of them got awarded by a jury of internationally renowned architects. The recipients of one such award were none other than Cseh András, Galántai Gergely, Karlovecz Ádám and Lévay Áron Farkas with their proposal for a protective shelter. The structure’s purpose is to present and protect the ruins of the headquarters building (principia) of the Roman fort. The team was inspired by the Transylvanian landscape and the already built architectural elements of the Călugăreni Archaeological Park. Congratulations to their team!

Read more about their proposal here.